About CC33

Offering comprehensive sales and marketing solutions, CC33 is leading the way in the contact centre industry. We possess the tools to create end-to-end campaigns, allowing us to deliver a transparent and efficient service every step of the way.

We deliver the best service for every client, no matter what the size or scope of their business.  Not only do we strive to gain a thorough knowledge of clients’  business’, but we try to integrate ourselves and operate as part of them. Our clients are our partners.

We achieve this by using the latest Technology which puts control in our partners’ hands, meaning that we inspire confidence in our clients by being the most trustworthy and transparent agency around. This is Sales & Marketing the ethical way.

While much of our business is Telemarketing, CC33 offers so much more. By utilising our Digital Marketing Services, our partners can maximise their sales potential by allowing us to manage all of their needs under one roof.

At CC33 our people are our priority, and we are passionate about social responsibility. We are exceptionally unique in our Apprentice Managed Services; investing in people by using our expertise and facilities to train apprentices and thereby delivering the right people to the right business.

CC33 is also backed by private equity company, Juhl Bach Holding ApS, which is one of the biggest family owned companies in Denmark. Specialising in corporate venture activities, Juhl Bach Holdings have an interesting portfolio of companies spanning from start-ups to mature companies. Juhl Bach Holdings also possess a significant portfolio of properties around the world.