Customer Service

As always, CC33 is constantly striving to invest in the latest cutting edge technology to enable our current and future customers a hassle free outsourcing experience. In partnership with Enghouse Interactive, CC33 now boasts one of the most interactive customer service platforms currently available within the outsource customer service space.

By investing in this technology, CC33 now has the capability to move into a market where investing in the latest technology and methodology is key to delivering for clients in both the inbound and outbound customer service space.

Exceeding customer expectations should be a primary objective for any organisation and CC33’s new technology helps the contact centre achieve this by offering customers their preferred choice of communication, including Voice, Email, Fax, SMS, Web, Social and IVR. CC33 can deliver proactive, inbound and outbound customer service and notifications that help build and enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

We are always at the cutting edge of the telemarketing industry, and we are excited by the opportunities that this will bring. The new technology will allow us to develop our multi-channel offering and to better integrate cross-channel interaction.

We will be able to support the following types of communication on our clients’ behalf:

Voice: We offer both inbound and outbound voice calls. With inbound calls, the technology’s preview capability is able to recognise callers and then allow agents to view call information prior to taking the call to ensure they are prepared.

Email: This will allow us to help our clients to efficiently manage high volumes of inbound email and web-form queries, while ensuring that customer service e-mail communications are handled in a consistent manner.

SMS: Our SMS offering will bring the benefit of text messaging as a communications and support channel for attracting and retaining customers.

Web Chat: An online live chat session which is instigated by the customer.

Web Call Backs: Agents can views and respond to inbound requests using web forms and are able to contact the customer using the customer’s preferred contact method.

Voice Mails: Voice mail messages are stored on the systems for play back anytime.

Along with the extra communication channels we will be able to introduce, the new system streamlines all channel interactions. By unifying customer interactions across multiple channels, agents will have comprehensive access to the customer interaction life cycle. As well as increasing agent productivity, this will enable us to deliver a superior customer experience.

With such a wide range of communication platforms available, we are confident that CC33 will be able to provide our clients with a service like no other. If you’d like to discuss any of our new offerings with a team member, please contact us on 0114 399 0087.