Sales Training

CC33′s sales training workshop is run in partnership with Live and Learn Training Consultancy Ltd and is an outstanding option for your staff to gain the sales tools and skills needed to increase profit and revenue.

Many staff continue to work whilst being demotivated not realising they must sharpen their tools to move forward. Our courses teach the below:

  • Understand a 7 step sales process
  • Learn a killer question
  • Learn how to cross sell and up sell
  • Learn how to present your USPs
  • Understand primary and secondary objectives
  • Learn how effective communication is key to your selling success
  • Learn a magic formula for questioning success
  • Learn how to never lose a sale
  • Learn NLP techniques to help you win more business
  • Learn how to ask for the business confidently
  • Learn techniques for overcoming objections confidently and effectively

We don’t train and move on; we will continue to support you before and after the training to ensure your organisation gains the best results possible in the short and long term. We listen to your needs, we tailor to your company objectives, we train in an interactive and fun way and then we review the training to ensure objectives have been met. We then look at the next steps.

To find out more or enquire about partnering with CC33 please call us now on 0114 399 0087 or