CC33 is at the cutting edge of the telemarketing industry, providing you with a service like no other. The combination of CC33’s revolutionary technology and its forward-thinking people means that we maximise the potential of every campaign.

We strive to be the most trustworthy telemarketing company around by giving our clients live access to our system whenever they want. This ‘Window into our world’ enables you to log in live to view reports or listen to call recordings .

We’re so keen to work as a true partnership; we actually provide tablet computers to our clients with the admin software on to view the campaign information.

Our other innovative technology includes a 360° feedback system, speech analytics, geocoding, vocal coach and integrated NPS ability, making us the most efficient service available.

These are not bolt on services; these services are built in to all our outbound telesales / telemarketing services. In short, you could save thousands of pounds as you don’t pay any additional fees for these. We are also flexible enough to meet the needs of a plethora of clients, as we offer tailored campaigns to suit your needs.